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TCU/CWA Rank and File Leadership Votes to Donate Funds to the Family of Juzzel Edward Concepcion

With heavy hearts, on December 23, 2022, the TCU/CWA Organizing Committee, the rank and file leadership of our newly formed union, voted to donate $2500 to the wife of our brother Tower Climber, Juzzel Edward Concepcion. Concepcion tragically died on December 15, 2022 while working on a Verizon project on an American Tower Corporation tower.

Our hearts break for his family and loved ones. These tragedies must end. Juzzel did what we all do: he got up and worked hard to provide for his family in an industry that still hasn't figured out how to keep us all safe, despite making billions in profits each year. We mourn for Juzzel, and we will organize together for a safer workplace.

We have also organized a gofundme page, please feel free to donate here.