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We’re fighting for safety and transparency in New York!

Between 2003 and 2022, 166 workers in the cell tower industry died on the job. We have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, and we know that our industry does not have adequate regulations and safety standards to protect us. 

We’re fighting to pass a bill in New York that is an essential first step to making our industry safer. This bill requires tower services contracts between tower companies and New York State to include certified safety trainings for tower climbers. Additionally, it requires tower companies to share details about the contractors and subcontractors that employ tower climbers, including tower climbers’ wages and any previous violations of labor law. 

Ryan and Nate at healthcare workers rally, and lobbying with legislators.
Clockwise from left: 1. Rallying with healthcare workers from CWA District 1 fighting for safe staffing in New York hospitals. 2. Nate Aldrich, Senator Rachel May, Ryan Dupal. Senator May is a co-sponsor of the bill. 3. Talking to Senators and staff. 

Members of Tower Climbers United joined CWA District 1 at the State Capitol building in Albany for a legislative training, briefing and lobby day to encourage New York legislators to co-sponsor and support this bill! We also stopped by a healthcare workers rally to support our union siblings fighting for safe staffing in New York hospitals. 

Legislators were eager to learn more about our industry and jobs, and responded well to the stories we shared.  

“Everyone's just kind of shocked and in awe when we started telling them what we deal with on a daily,” said Nate Aldrich, a tower technician. “So that's what we're doing here. We're getting out there and setting down the bricks to start some more legislation and help us pave the way for better benefits, better pay, better safety precautions, better accountability – all these things.”

When asked what this legislation would mean for him, tower technician Ryan Dupal said, “It'll be a huge staple in our industry for all of us tower climbers, brothers and sisters alike, that we are moving forward and there's a sense of hope for us out here. And two, it will make us know that when we're on these state owned towers, that there are going to be safety protocols that are put in place, knowing that we'll be safe to climb ‘em and come down.

Are you in New York and want to help us pass this legislation? Want to fight for more safety and transparency in the state that you live in? Or just want to learn more? Contact us!
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